Courageous Leaders: Loving Criticism

It’s not feedback or criticism we’re afraid of.

It’s judgment and personal attacks.

We often confuse objective, constructive criticism with personal opinions based on how we’re feeling about ourselves.

The result is honesty (yes, it’s how you feel) with cruelty (but it’s not constructive).

Not all feedback is created equal. Not all feedback is constructive. It’s easy to give feedback that’s fueled by a deeper, emotional, personal feeling.

Non-constructive feedback is destructive. It has the power to impact a person’s confidence in their professional growth.

How is that approach going to move your business forward?

Instead …

Always give feedback as a “loving critic” — constructive feedback that is given with the intention to improve someone’s ability; given with good intentions and given with care — you’ll be surprised by the response.

Steer away from personal opinions or emotional feedback.

Instead, give “loving” feedback. Feedback that is honest and has the best interest of the receiver in mind. It will move someone towards growth so they can reach their highest potential.