Company Culture: Core Values Are a Waste

It’s fascinating to watch more and more companies taking the time to develop core values. Core values define what your company and employees commonly believe in. They demonstrate how your company will make decisions, how you’ll hire, and how you’ll grow.

But many times, core values are hung on the wall only to be read and not acted upon. Core values do not work unless they are put into action. In order for core values to function, they must have an action plan.

Want to create change? Put your core values into action:

  • Share core values with candidates during the hire process

  • Implement your core values within your review process; keep people accountable for living up to these values

  • Call employees (or co-workers) out if they’re not living up to the values

  • Choose customers / clients who also share your common values

  • Use them as a guide to make hard decisions

Don’t write words and phrases like “integrity”, “work-life balance”, ”excellence” on a piece of paper and expect the company culture that you want. Act on them. Live them. Stand behind them.