I'm Shannon Callarman. 

I’ve been writing ever since my muscles were strong enough to hold a pen.

One of my favorite memories growing up was when my mom would bring home white hardcover blank books. Together, she would doodle pictures, and I’d write storylines. One of them was about my “crazy classmates” in third grade. I wrote a small poem about each of my classmates. I still remember how much joy filled the room when they heard their name in a story.

Stories connect us to the people who matter.

Stories also help us make sense of the world. My greatest strength is writing, so it’s only natural that I use my passion for words help me connect people in this big, noisy world. In business, there are only thirty seconds to make a good impression. The world is full of visuals more so than words to make connections faster. That doesn’t mean words still don’t play a tremendous role in the way we attract and retain customers and clients.

I’m an expert in Business Storytelling.

I help people and companies find authenticity through strong positioning and messaging to identify their purpose and unique position in the marketplace.

I’m a horror/thriller writer and cook.

Outside the typical 9-5, I’m writing stories about ghosts, cooking in the kitchen, and having coffee (or a glass of wine) with talented and interesting people who inspire me.