I wrote my first novel in 3rd grade

... it was called Cindersonda—a spin on Cinderella. It went on to sell millions of copies and made its way onto The New York Times Best Seller list. Unfortunately, there really isn’t much proof that it happened. This all was before the Internet (post dial-up and AOL), so I only have my family's word for it; the story goes: 

All the copies were stolen from every bookstore in the world by conniving book thieves, and later burned in a fire in southern France to cover the evidence. The scraps were found 10 years later by archeologists, who were able to gather up a few leftover pieces. They took the findings back to the lab, carefully binding each piece together like a puzzle. There it was: the title and the author’s name. They had been able to recreate the front cover of a rare copy of Cindersonda. Finally—the mystery was over.

Okay—you got me!

That’s all fiction. It’s hard to believe anything you read, especially on the Internet (cue hilarious StateFarm commercial). The point is, I write stories. To make up for my innocent fib, here's a real story: 

I’m 29 years old

... and it's been crazy these past several years:

  • I’ve dealt with the stress of student loans // paid off $10,000 in private loans in 4 years
  • I’ve been a bad friend // I’ve made some really great, new friends
  • I’ve worked jobs that I despised // I've worked jobs I love
  • I was an intern // I was an entry-level employee // I’ve been promoted //
  • I've failed, failed, failed and failed // I've become a leader
  • I’ve been broke // I’ve been financially secure // And broke once again 
  • I’ve planned on having a glass of wine…but ended up having 3
  • I’ve lived at home after the age that it’s 'acceptable' // I’ve lived on my own
  • I’ve gone out all night on a Friday // I stayed in on a Friday, falling asleep at 9
  • I’ve fallen apart // I’ve picked myself up // And I kept going
  • I’ve dated enough to know the difference between love and lust
  • Till this day, I still question:
    •  “Am I where I need to be?"
    • "Am I getting too old?"
    • "Am I falling behind?"
    • "Will I ever fall in love?"
    • "Will I ever be successful?"

I'm Real.